sabato 7 marzo 2015

Uno spettacolo in lingua inglese


Risultati immagini per simboli degli stati uniti d'america
On Wednesday 11th February 2015 the classes 3°A, 3°B and 3°C went to the theatre “Don Bosco” in Padua. The journey by bus took 30 minutes and it was very boring.                                     
We arrived at 9.00 a.m. The theatre was very big and there were students from other schools too. The company’s name was Arcadia and the “play” was “Welcome to America”. The performance was divided into two acts. The first act was about Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, a special moment at a diner and cowboys. The second act was about the White House, the first man on the moon, Hollywood and Ellis Island again. The show was very fun and really interesting. The actors were very good. They wore masks, so they could play different roles. At 10.30 a.m. there was a break. Then we returned into the theatre for the second act. At the end of the “play” we spoke to the main actor and we discovered he likes Italy, spaghetti and he has really been to America. When we returned to school, we took the schoolbag and we went home.                  
I think the day was great fun and it was amazing; I was happy because I understood all the dialogues.   I learnt about immigrants to America, American famous actors, singers and history.  
                                                                       Marco Turato 3^ C       

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